Sweet Love Letter Written By Young Romeo Goes Viral

kids letterThere are certain rites of passage every young child will face. Losing teeth. Riding a bike. Getting your heart broken. I know what you are thinking -- your grade schooler is far too young to deal with that last one. Well, you are wrong. In fact, that first crush can happen long before their adult teeth have grown in. Don't believe me? Here's proof: a letter from the youngest Romeo I've ever heard of.


A love letter was recently discovered at a school and uploaded to Reddit and it's the sweetest thing. He writers, "Dear Ashely, would you please be my girlfriend. I like you a lot." Then below, in big letters, he makes it multiple choice: "Yes," "No," and "Maybe."

Too cute, right? He adds, "Ps. Please put yes, no, or maybe"

The response, however, isn't what he had hoped for.

"I'm sorry I alredy have a boyfriend but when we break up your my next choice ... p.s. that will proboby be in a month or two."

This is just too adorable for words. And it's certainly had an impact on the world. In less than a day, it has received more than 1.25 million views. The reason it resonates with so many grownups? We remember being there. That very first crush is seared into our memory and we can't help putting ourselves in that hopeful little boy's shoes. What courage it must have taken to write that letter to the girl of his grade school dreams.

Sure, the poor kid is probably a little heartbroken, but there's still a chance he'll get to call Ashely his girlfriend in a couple months. I know as parents, we hate the thought of our kids facing any kind of rejection, but let's get real -- that's inevitable. It will happen to them all at some point. All we can hope is that the letdown is as sweet and filled with possibility as this one.

Tell us about your first crush and heartbreak?


Image via Cali4beach/Flickr

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