Mom's 'Do Not Touch' Sign on Baby's Stroller Outrages Touchy, Feely Jerks

don't touchTaking your baby out in public can be a lot of fun. People crowd around to coo and offer to hold the little darling. Then again, taking your baby out in public can be a nightmare because, well, people crowd around to coo and offer to hold the little darling. Sometimes they don't even offer; they just pick your baby up without asking! I remember these days all too well. So well, in fact, that when I heard about a mom and dad who hung a "do not touch" sign on their baby's stroller, I wanted to track them down and slap them on the back.

I get it! I really get it!

Too bad the parents' family didn't.


On relative took to social media site Reddit to complain about the sign, which she said was propped on the baby's stroller at a family reunion:

It's not just the sign, it's the fact that whenever anyone would get close to the baby, they were waved off, and barred from even looking at him, which kind of rubbed all of us the wrong way ... Is the baby sign a normal thing? Or does he think his kid doesn't shit and cry just like the rest of us?

OK, so not letting anyone "look" at the baby might sound a little strange. Then again, maybe these parents have just figured out what most parents realize after maybe the third or fourth big outing with baby: babies are like magnets for crazy people.

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The aunt who keeps hacking and really doesn't get WHY she shouldn't be coughing up a lung next to an infant.

That uncle who always has something slightly inappropriate to say, making you wonder just what he is thinking that he DOESN'T say.

The teenager who doesn't understand that the baby is finally sleeping, so no, it's not a good time to hold their little cousin.

Cheek pinchers ...

Need I go on?

The truth is, you could deal with each one of them individually. That's what most of us do, but that's probably because we never had the chutzpah to just cut people off at the pass!

We're all so afraid of a reaction like the one above that we end up making ourselves nuts.

Frankly, I wish I'd had the guts to hang a "do not touch" sign on my baby's stroller or car seat when she was an infant. People may have been offended, but at least I wouldn't have had to worry about my infant catching pink eye from someone who didn't think it mattered that they had a face full of conjunctivitis before reaching over to snatch up my baby for a cuddle.

How do you deal with people who want to hold your baby? Would you ever consider a sign like this?


Image via Skakerman/Flickr

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