Mom Banned From Kid's School Because of Something She Posted on Facebook

tracy mountSchools are hyper-vigilant about safety. In many instances, that's a good thing, but sometimes administrators take things too far. Case in point: a Georgia mom and army vet Tanya Mount has been banned from her daughter's school because she posted a photo of her gun permit on Facebook. Apparently, the fact she had a permit frightened the school's principal. Regardless of what you feel about the right to bear arms, there is a bigger, scarier issue at play here.


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This mom is being punished for doing something completely within her rights to do. As far as we can tell from reports, she had never displayed any aggression, violence, or rage at the school or to staff. She was even a regular volunteer, spending time on the playground with her special needs daughter. She did nothing illegal. She did nothing wrong.

The principal, who was reportedly uncomfortable with Mount being a former soldier who could carry a gun, told her to stop helping out at the school and go home to focus on "grownup" things. This mom says she was made to feel like a criminal -- and unfairly so.

So does this mean a school can ban any parent who does something they don't like? What if we all started getting banned from our kids' schools based on what we put on Facebook? It's outrageous. So if someone simply doesn't agree with you, they can have a parent prohibited from stepping onto school grounds. What's next? This could open the door to all kinds of unjust persecutions. What's to stop someone from petitioning to have a person banned for their political stance or how they feel about some other hot-button issue? What's especially upsetting about Mount's situation is that she fought for the freedoms and rights of the very people who are doing this to her. The entire situation is an abuse of power. It makes no sense. AT. ALL. 


What do you think about what this principal did to this mom?

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