Parents Fight for Right to Treat Autistic Son's Seizures With Illegal Substance (VIDEO)

cannabis oilEven in places where medical marijuana is legal, parents are having trouble using it to treat their kids. Jennifer and Jacob Welton are suing the state of Arizona so their son can take a marijuana extract to treat his seizures. Five-year-old Zander was born with cortial dyplasia and suffers frequent epileptic seizures. His parents want to treat him with cannabis oil. But even though medical marijuana is legal in Arizona, some leaders in the state say products like resins extracted from marijuana are classified as illegal narcotics.

I have to wonder, does this mean that while some people in Arizona are getting bogus doctor's notes to smoke marijuana to help with their "anxiety" or "back aches," one truly sick little boy is wracked with seizures just because the wrong form of cannabis helps him?


I think it's sad, first of all, that the Weltons have to spend precious time and resources fighting this legal battle when caring for their son probably already demands more than all they have to give. At least they're working with the ACLU, so they're not completely on their own. And if they win, that will be a victory for many other parents with kids dealing with similar health issues. I'm sure they know that.

I feel like when it comes to the possibilities of medical marijuana, parents and holistic practitioners are way ahead of the game -- and the medical establishment needs to catch up. I'm no expert, and I'm not saying cannabis is a miracle plant. I have no idea. But there does seem to be something going on with the plant, and it seems to be working for a lot of kids, especially. We need to tear away the stigma and do more research to find out the best ways to use cannabis.

In the meantime, I have to wonder at the ethical dilemma the Weltons face. It sounds like they're compromising and treating their son with a legal medical marijuana. But I wouldn't blame them at all if they wanted to treat their son with the illegal substance that works better. It must be heartbreaking to do otherwise.

Would you dare to use an illegal "narcotic" if you knew it was the best medicine to treat your child?


Image via ABC News

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