Amazing Dad Builds a Hand for Son Born Without Fingers (VIDEO)

prosthetic handSome things are just second nature to most parents. Unconditional love for your child is probably the most common. A close second? A fierce protective instinct. That doesn't just mean summoning up the courage to fend off a bear or lifting a two-ton car. It also includes helping them in any way possible -- especially when they are hurt or something is wrong. That is certainly the case for Massachusetts dad Paul McCarthy. He has done what many of us never knew was possible. He created a prosthetic hand for his son at home using a 3-D printer.


Born without fully formed fingers, there were many things the young boy could not do -- a heartbreaking reality for any parent. So his dad started looking for inexpensive options for a prosthetic limb. What he found is truly amazing. Take a look.

He thinks what his dad has done is totally cool -- and he's not alone. It's utterly amazing what this dad has been able to do for his son. That's not to say this comes dirt cheap. The printer still costs about $2,000, but that is much more accessible than the traditional $20,000 option. The materials for the hand itself only cost about $5 to $10. And the best part is, they can easily keep making more hands as his son grows.

Really inspiring that this technology exits and that it is becoming so accessible to everyday Americans. It's especially heartwarming because we would do anything possible to make our kids’ lives better. And to be able to do something like this is just amazing. McCarthy said it best, "Making your kids happy is the most rewarding thing you can have."

What would you build with a 3-D printer if you could buy one?


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