Parents Fulfill Our Secret Fantasy By Confronting Son's Bullies on Bus (VIDEO)

mom and bullied son

We all feel the mama bear instinct kicking in from time to time with our kids, especially if someone is harming or being mean to them in some way. But after hearing that a couple of parents were arrested after boarding the school bus to confront the kids who were picking on their son -- we should all be reminded that we have to keep our tempers in check ... or else.

When Chris and Christina Gring's son came off the school bus in tears, they reportedly went onto the vehicle and began yelling, "Who made my son cry?" -- in addition to spewing out a few expletives. And apparently some of the children were very afraid and wound up crying and hiding under their seats. The couple was accused of threatening the students with physical harm.


Take a look at this video to hear both sides of the story.


Huh. I'm really not sure who to believe -- but something tells me both parties probably contributed to the incident. I mean, would you really be all that shocked to hear that an 8-year-old boy was being bullied by other students on the bus?

My 7-year-old has had a few school bus issues with other kids himself -- including a kid last year who gave him a pretty hard time, to the point where I'd call it borderline bullying.

And I can't lie -- I thought about getting on that bus and giving that little brat a piece of my mind on more than one occasion, though I probably never would've actually acted on my impulses. Yes, I know that kids will be kids -- but don't even try and tell me you haven't felt the urge to scold or lash out at a child who isn't treating yours with the kindness and respect he deserves.

It definitely sounds like these parents took things WAY too far, especially if they really were making threats or using foul language in front of the other children -- but I kind of understand where they were coming from. Like Christina said, they're just parents who love their child, and they were upset that he was being bullied and wanted to do something about it. Unfortunately, it backfired, and now they have to face a judge on November 5 to see if they'll be charged with "making terroristic threats." (Seriously?)

While we can't know for sure what exactly was or was not said on that bus, this is definitely a great reminder to all of us to keep our wits about us so we don't snap all of a sudden and wind up in a similar situation. Bullying is unacceptable -- period. But if our kids see us react by bullying the bullies, what will that teach them? (Food for thought.)

Have you ever confronted a child who was mistreating your kid?


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