Mom Welcomes 2 Sets of Twins & Has Her Sister to Thank (VIDEO)

Annie & Chrissy Johnston

After five years of struggling with infertility, Annie Johnston couldn't help but be hopeful when her sister, Chrissy, offered to be a surrogate for her in an effort to help her become a mother.

But when the doctors implanted embryos in Chrissy, they figured they'd go ahead and implant some in Annie too. She'd never had a positive pregnancy test in all her time spent trying to conceive.

She figured she might as well give it one last shot, and guess what? It worked. She wound up pregnant with not one, but two babies. And in a crazy twist of fate, Chrissy wound up expecting twins too -- making Annie a mom of quadruplets. Yep. A surrogate and her sister pregnant at the same time with the one sister's kids. Kinda makes your head spin.


Annie welcomed twin girls Grace and Hadley, while Chrissy delivered two baby boys, Charlie and Tommy.

Take a look at this video clip to hear their heartwarming story.

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Are you believing this? What are the odds?!?

I don't have any siblings, but I have to imagine that being pregnant at the same time as your sister has to be one of the most special experiences two family members can share. Pregnancy is such an emotional roller coaster. I'm guessing it must really help to have someone who has known you your whole life right beside you going through exactly the same thing.

But then you throw in the added twist of Chrissy being a surrogate for Annie -- and carrying her own nephews -- and the situation goes to a whole different level of truly amazing. This is, like, the greatest example of family bonding I've ever heard of, to the point where their story almost makes me tear up a little bit.

And while most people would consider four babies to be a bit of a handful, I love how Annie described how she was hoping to get "at least one baby," which makes her even more excited to be taking all four home with her. (Sniffle.)

Can you even imagine how much fun birthday parties and holidays in that household are going to be from here on out? Something tells me those four little angels won't have any trouble choosing their very favorite aunt -- especially considering she helped two of them come into the world.

Would you be a surrogate for your sister?


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