2-Inch Feather Found 'Growing' Out of Baby's Cheek

Doctors in Kansas thought the 7-month-old baby girl they were examining just had a swollen gland in her cheek. She had a fairly large lump near her neck, and even though she’d been prescribed antibiotics, the swelling never went down.

The concerned parents brought her back to the hospital to try and figure out what the heck was causing the swelling, and they ended up pulling a two-inch black feather from the little girl’s cheek.


Raise your hand if you think you’d freak out if the kid in this story were yours!

*Raises hand*

They think that the child accidentally inhaled the feather or tried to swallow it, and it got lodged in her throat. Then her body tried to force it out the other way -- and I guess eventually it worked.

As creepy as it is, I’m sure the parents were thrilled to know what had been causing their daughter’s pain and swelling. She ended up being admitted to the hospital because doctors thought the lump might be a staph infection on her lymph nodes -- some pretty serious stuff.

So all’s well that ends well, and it’s been reported that the parents have thrown out their down pillows. I don’t blame them.

What’s the craziest cause for a health scare you’ve heard of?

Image via Visions Photographiques/Flickr

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