9-Year-Old Moved to Tears After She Learns Her Dad Is 'Spiderman' (VIDEO)

Jessie Wirtz

OMG. You're SO gonna love this. In order to pull off the ultimate surprise homecoming from Afghanistan for his daughter, Army Sergeant First Class Dave Wirtz dressed as Spiderman and showed up in her classroom at school -- and she had no clue that he was back on American soil.

Nine-year-old Jessie was told that she was chosen to be the "hero" in her class. After "Spiderman" came into the room, she was led over to him, where he presented her with her very own cape.

And after that, his true identity was revealed, as you will see in this video.


What a cool idea for a homecoming! What I really loved is how proud Jessie was to have been chosen as class hero. Just look at the adorable smile on her face! Little did she know what was really about to go down.

Aww ... the tears! For her to realize her daddy, who she thought was in Afghanistan, was standing right behind her? She was obviously so blown away -- and it's just impossible not to be moved after hearing her say, "I missed you" with her head on his shoulder.

Kids' parents are already their superheroes no matter what -- but something tells me Jessie will never look at Spiderman the same way ever again. (He's got nothin' on her amazing hero dad!)

What did you love most about this reunion?


Image via WQAD

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