Stranger Returns Teen's Wallet With a Little Something Extra Inside (PHOTOS)

walletThere's lucky, and then there's Wes Monroe. I think it's safe to say that in college, we were all a little absentminded. When Monroe was filling up his car with gas last month on his way to class, he placed his wallet on top of his car and then drove onto the highway. But lucky for Monroe, the wallet was found and returned to him by Laura Diers, a mother of four. Not only did the Iowa State University freshman get his wallet back, though, he got it along with some motherly advice and a $10 bill.

Seriously. Just WAIT until you see the kinds of words Diers had for this wallet-owner. If only we all had someone like this looking out for us:


notes from laura diers

Like, seriously? Think of the people you know in your life, then evaluate if any of them would actually take the time to write a note and return this wallet -- nevertheless include $10.

As a parent, it's easy to worry about strangers doing bad things to your kid, especially when they're far away. But you know what? Let's hear it for the strangers who do kind things. Strangers who have good hearts. Strangers like Laura Diers. This sweet act of compassion is what you hope will happen to your child when you can't protect them, hands down. 

Sure, Wes was easily able to get a new wallet, stop in the student union and replace his university ID badge. That's not the point, though. The point is that someone out there was looking out for him. If we can all learn from Diers and keep up that positive attitude, then hopefully there will be someone looking over all of us.

Would you have done what Laura did and return the wallet? Do you think this kind of kindness is contagious?


Images via Seb Oliver/Image Source/Corbis, Des Moines Register

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