4-Year-Old Runs 1/4 Mile in the Dark for Help After Her Dad Falls Unconscious

pink shoesAs parents, we spend plenty of time thinking how devastating it would be if anything ever happened to our children. But have you ever sat down and really considered how your kids would react if you suddenly became ill or injured?

One 4-year-old little girl from Michigan knew exactly what to do. When her dad was knocked unconscious while unloading scrap metal from his truck, Cadence Lucas ran 1/4 mile in the dark to a neighbor's house to let them know that her daddy, Chris, needed help. The neighbor called 911, then went back to check on Chris, who wound up going to the hospital with a concussion after hitting his head.


And honestly, it doesn't sound like this proud dad is all that surprised that his preschooler knew what to do in such a scary situation. He is a volunteer firefighter and his wife works for an ambulance service, so they made it a point to teach Cadence what to do if she were ever faced with an emergency.

Chris believes having this knowledge is why she immediately ran for help instead of panicking and hoping that he would eventually wake up.

Now that my son is a little older (he's 7), I'm more confident that he'd instinctively know to go to a neighbor's house for help if something were to happen to me. But when he was little? I didn't really think about going over how to handle a situation like that with him because I figured he was probably too young. But after hearing about the quick action that this little girl took, it's obvious that sometimes we tend to underestimate our kids because of their young age. It could wind up being a matter of life and death to fail to teach them what to do.

Even if they seem a little young to hear emergency instructions, it can't hurt to at least remind them from time to time of where to go if they ever need help and mommy or daddy can't assist them. Sure, Cadence's dad probably would've been ok since he only suffered a concussion. But who knows what would've happened if she hadn't gone for help when she did? We can't say for sure, which is why her parents must be so relieved that they took the time to explain how to handle scary situations.

We should ALL follow their lead and do the same -- all while hoping our little ones never actually have to put our instructions to the test.

Have you taught your child how to handle emergencies?


Image via N.Zimmerman/Corbis

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