Inspirational Lip-Dub of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ by Patients & Staff at Children’s Hospital Is Amazing (VIDEO)

katy perry roar lip synchAfter getting lost in the trivial matters and stressors of your everyday life, it's so easy to lose your perspective. Commute sucked, kids aren't behaving, husband didn't take out the garbage, boss is a pain, etc., etc. But then you come across a video that shows you how good you've actually got it and helps you reevaluate what you're grateful for. Just take a look at the staff and patients lip synching to "Roar" by Katy Perry at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock in New Hampshire and you'll soon realize what I mean.

These young kids are such an inspiration and an innocent, shining example of what true strength is. They're also having so much fun, and if they can escape from what they're going through for a few precious moments, then this experience was entirely worth it. The video was shot in just one day, and almost all the kids, those who were "feeling well enough to get out of bed and dance," according to Londonderry Patch, were able to participate.


Here's the video:

If anyone needs the chance to "roar" at the frustrations of life, it's these kids! Pretty hard not to feel all warm and overwhelmed and cuddly inside after seeing this, right?

“The CHaD kids have heard your ‘ROAR’ and the buzz has rubbed off on them. The excited smiles in the hospital have been contagious and beautiful to see,” the hospital said on its Facebook page. “This video brought a sense of power to these children who are faced with illness, but aren’t giving up.”

That pretty much says it all. I can't get enough of these adorable kids and the people who take care of them every day. By the way, the video was made for the hospital’s Hero Half Marathon and Ripcord 5K. So far, $650,000 has been raised for the hospital this year, and that number will surely do nothing but climb as this video makes the Internet rounds. Best wishes for a safe and speedy recovery to all children who have to spend time in a hospital today!

Isn't this video the most inspirational and fantastic thing you've seen all day?


Image via DartmouthHitchcock/YouTube

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