Mom Accidentally Runs Over Her 7-Year-Old Daughter

car keyUgh. This is going to make you absolutely sick to your stomach. A mom from Maryland ran over her 7-year-old daughter by accident -- right in her very own driveway.

It isn't completely clear what exactly happened, but the assumption is that the little girl came out of the house expecting to go in the car with her mother, who was making a grocery store run. The mom did not think the child was coming along, and she did not see her as she was backing her Mercedes out of the driveway.

And making this story even more tragic is the fact that the mom says she did not hear or feel anything as the car ran over her child.


The little girl is alive but was seriously injured and is still presumably in very critical condition.

This is so horrific no matter how you look at it, but I think what really makes it particularly gut-wrenching is that this mother was doing something every single one of us do on an almost daily basis.

How many times have you said goodbye to your family and hollered something like "be back soon!" Then you hopped in your car and pulled out of the driveway without wondering for one single second whether or not your child has run out after you?

I can definitely picture my 7-year-old son doing that exact thing -- to the point where I can visualize the scenario in my head and it makes me want to throw myself on the floor and weep for this poor mother. Something happening to our children is our greatest fear, but for a child to be harmed due to her mother's actions -- that were accidental -- is nothing short of absolutely unthinkable.

Hopefully this woman will receive the support and prayers she needs during this awful time instead of people judging her or wondering how she did not see her daughter in the path of the car. Again, she could have been any of us. It's something you think can never happen to you until it does -- and then you're trapped in this horrible nightmare that you can't seem to wake up from.

My heart goes out to this woman. Words really can't express how awful I feel for her.

What words of comfort would you offer to this family?


Image via Amanda Lynn/Corbis

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