Air Force Dad's Tearful Interview Shows How Rough Deployment is On Family (VIDEO)

James Bonner and his son JosephSurprise military homecomings: What's not to love about them, right? I mean a family being reunited after months apart and a stressful, scary deployment is something that just straight up warms the heart. Something that may be even more touching, though? Hearing a soldier talk about how much coming back home really means to him.

Take Air Force Master Sgt. Hames Bonner, for example, who spent the last six months on an unexpected deployment in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Bonner decided to surprise his two sons and wife at a school assembly this past Wednesday. 

Of course the reunion is priceless. Seeing the tears stream down the face of Bonner's 6-year-old son Joseph will 100 percent break your heart. But what gets me is the sargeant's raw emotional interview leading up to the beautiful reunion. If you didn't know how rough it is to leave loved ones for our troops, this is a good hint. See the father talk about his love for his family, here:


Oh, the tears ... and that line: "We don't choose to leave our families. We do this because we love our country." Wow. Just Wow. This is a family who is lucky to have such an excellent hero to call Dad.

Do you have a hero in your own family that you think can relate to Bonner? What's your reaction to his message about deployments?


Image via welcomehomeblog/ YouTube

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