Hidden Camera Catches Dad's Epic Reaction to Son's Report Card (VIDEO)

report cardReport card day is a tummy turner. For parents. For kids. How are you going to react? Will it be a smile? A grimace? Maybe you will react like the proud dad in the cutest video you are going to see today, possibly all week.

A young boy who had been failing in math worked his rear end off to get his grades up, and the day his report card came, he set up a hidden camera to catch what would turn out to be possibly the coolest reaction any parent could have to their child's report card.

Turn up your volume, grab some tissues, and watch how it all went down:


I'm betting the word "awww" came out of your mouth, didn't it?

The pride this father has for his kid is so vast that you can feel it flowing through the computer screen. He's a happy man, and it's his kid who MADE him that way.

Kind of makes you wish you had a parent like that, doesn't it? Heck, it makes me want to BE a parent like that. Because every kid deserves to feel that their mom or dad (or even better -- both) loves them that much and has that amount of faith in them.

What has been your proudest moment as a parent so far?


Image via MarkGstohl/Flickr

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