8-Year-Old Stops Bad Guys From Stealing His Mom's Wallet

car door openIt's a funny thing that happens with kids. There are times we think there aren't capable of a whole lot. Things like cleaning their room, staying seated for a whole meal, eating broccoli. But then there are other times when they completely surprise us and it make us prouder than proud that we are their mom. One 8-year-old did just that for his mom, but also no doubt gave her a mini heart attack and at least 14 new grey hairs.

Jose Alonso was sitting in the backseat of the family SUV with his sister next to him when mom went into a Texas gas station, leaving the kids alone and the doors unlocked. Some bad guys saw this as an opportunity to steal mom's purse sitting on the front seat. Not so fast, bad guys! Jose to the rescue!


With only one shoe on, Jose sprang into action and managed to retrieve his mom's wallet from her purse as the thieves were running away with it. He continued to chase the purse snatcher as he jumped in his car and sped off. 

Can you imagine how terrified his mom must have been if she witnessed any of this? Or even just hearing the screeching of tires when she knew her kids were outside without her. I know what you're thinking ... mom left the kids in the car to go into the gas station?! Bad move, mom. I'm sure she knows that. But there are many of us who have done the very same thing or similar and we never thought something so sinister would happen. This thief saw the kids (and the unlocked car) as an easy target. Things happen in an instant. Bad things. I'm just so thankful the outcome here isn't awful, but instead we have a little hero who wasn't going to let someone steal his mom's wallet. His reasoning for doing what he did? Check this out:

My sister's party was coming up and I wanted her to have her party and I wanted my mom to get all of her stuff back. I told my sister just stay here, don't do anything. I was scared a little bit, but I told myself just go with it. I ran as fast as I can, so I reached in and grabbed my mom's black wallet with her credit cards.Mom is clearly doing something right here. What a great kid -- protecting his sister and mom.

Mom is clearly doing something right here. Here we have a little 8-year-old with heart and heroics. I love this kid -- he's protecting his mom and sister. Though I'm not so sure I'd teach my kid to do the same. In a way, it's him standing up to the bullies. Still, these bullies aren't fellow kids at his school. These are the real deal bad guys.

What do you think of this story? Would you use this as a teaching on what to do (or not to do) if your child was in the same situation?


Image via John/Flickr

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