Grandpa Predicts His 18-Month-Old Grandson's Future & It Comes True 15 Years Later

baby soccer

I think it's safe to say we all have dreams about our kids growing up to be superstars someday. But one grandfather in Wales was literally willing to bet that his grandson would turn into a professional soccer player down the road.

When Harry Wilson was only 18 months old, Peter Edwards placed $80 on a 2,500 to 1 bet that Harry would play for the Welsh soccer team. Nearly 15 years later, his little "premonition" came true. At 16, Harry is now the youngest player in the history of the team.

And wait until you hear how much cash gramps managed to turn that $80 into.

You might want to sit down.



Good grief -- that's a lotta dough! Peter now plans on retiring a year early and will also use the money to help Harry with travel expenses.

And I'm sure this was nothing but a crazy twist of fate -- but it does make you wonder if the dreams we have for our kids when they are little really can come true later in life.

I mean, who says we can't pay special attention to our little ones' talents and interests -- and actually have them lead to something substantial when they grow up?

When my son was a toddler, he had a real knack for spinning things, as odd as that sounds. He had these little plastic rings that he would set up on our hardwood floors, flick his wrist, and then they'd go spinning in circles all over the place. In the back of my mind, I wondered if it indicated some sort of innate talent -- like maybe he would be a world famous juggler, or Frisbee player, or something.

Of course, the spinning thing has long disappeared and I haven't noticed him doing it since he was about 2, but you never know? Maybe it will return -- and maybe I should've put a buck or two down on him turning it into something magical. (Nuts. I may have missed my big chance.)

Does your toddler have a talent or skill that makes you think he/she could grow up to do something amazing?


Image via Vladimir Godnik/Corbis

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