Teacher Refuses to Let 4-Year-Old Eat Treat Packed in Her Lunch (VIDEO)

candy cornWell, here's another story you can go ahead and file under "stuff that makes me absolutely insane and almost convinces me to home school my kid."

The mom of a preschooler in New Hampshire is pretty upset, to say the least. Her daughter was forbidden to eat the candy corn she'd packed in her lunch as a special treat to get into the Halloween spirit.

When 4-year-old Sarah Kelly came home from school two days in a row with the candy corn uneaten, her mom knew something was up. Sarah's a kid and she loves candy corn and there was no logical reason why it should still be in her lunch box.


Check out this video to hear more about why the poor little girl didn't get to enjoy it.

Um, WTF? I think Sarah's mom summed it up perfectly. "I'm the mother, and I should get to put in her lunch what I choose to put in her lunch."

Ugh. Do you know what this sounds like? Yet another case of someone trying to force what they think is right on a little kid simply because they can -- even though it's obvious that her mother has no problem with her eating something that isn't technically part of one of the four main food groups.

After Halloween, I send a piece of candy in my son's lunch for at least a couple of weeks or so. And he always gets to eat it and no one says a thing. But if they did? I'd have some choice words for them for sure -- and I'd probably think about pulling him out of his school in favor of a place where he's allowed to be a kid and have a treat if that's what his mother packs for him.

Hopefully this mom won't back down and will keep on packing the candy corn if that's what she sees fit for her daughter. Heck, at this point, I'd send it in for the whole class to enjoy just to prove a point.

Would you be upset if your child was denied to eat something packed in his/her lunch?


Image via 68/Ocean/Corbis

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