3-Year-Old's Bond With Dog Is So Strong He Can Sense When She's in Danger

great daneThere is nothing more tender and heartwarming than the relationship a small child has with the family pet -- especially when the animal guards the child as if he/she were its own baby.

And that's basically the only way to describe the bond between 3-year-old Brianna Lynch and her dog, Charlie. Brianna has epilepsy, and the Great Dane is able to recognize her oncoming seizures -- even 20 minutes before they happen.

Yes, 20 minutes. Isn't that amazing? Something about Charlie's senses and intuition alert him that Brianna has an episode coming on, and he is able to keep her safe until her parents arrive to administer the medication she needs to keep the seizures under control.


When Charlie knows Brianna is in danger, he will hold her gently against the wall until her mom or dad comes to her aid.

Wow. Can you imagine how thankful this family must be to have this beloved dog in their lives to keep their little girl safe? Most of us think of family pets warning us if there is an intruder in the middle of the night -- but how amazing is it that this sweet pooch is so in tune with Brianna that he "feels" her seizures coming on?

As tough as it must be to watch your little one suffer from such a devastating condition, it has to offer these parents some peace of mind to at least know Charlie is there looking out for her and protecting her every step of the way.

And you know that little girl absolutely adores her doggie -- but with a love and devotion most of us can only hope to fully understand.

Is your pet protective of your child?


Image via Ocean/Corbis

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