Little Girl's Tearful Reaction to Navy Dad's Surprise Homecoming Is Absolutely Priceless (VIDEO)

Military Dad hugs his daughterFor a little girl, her father is often her hero. He's the guy who can perform tech support while driving you to dance practice and THEN fix the broken light in your bedroom without breaking a sweat. For 7-year-old Hayley McGregor, she got the surprise of her life cheerleading on the sidelines at her homecoming football game. Her hero, her dad, surprised her after serving in Afghanistan deployed with the United States Navy for the past seven months.

The look on her face after her father's name was announced over the stadium loudspeaker as he was welcomed to the game is absolutely priceless. And then when the BOTH of them burst into tears? Ugh. If there's one video you watch today, let this one be it:


The cherry on top of this beautiful homecoming sundae? While Dad was away in Afghanistan, his wife Shannon gave birth to their second child, a baby boy, who is now 3 months old. Here's to the happy family: hoping now that they're back together, there's less tears and more smiles.

Does this give you chills or what?!


Image via KSBY

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