Baby Born 3 Months Early in Restaurant Bathroom & That's Not Even the Craziest Part (VIDEO)

premature baby footIf you had to make a list of the places you do NOT want to give birth, I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that a fast food restaurant may be on the top of that list. Before Shardonnay Hill, 20, could even order a side of fries, she went into labor inside a Florida McDonald's bathroom. With the help of some employees and the direction of her grandmother, Barbara Albert, on the phone with 911 -- Hill delivered a baby boy three months premature. His name? Joshua Murray.

As if delivering a premature baby boy that early in a McDonald's isn't scary enough as it is, the story gets even more crazy. The baby boy came out still in the amniotic sack. A VERY rare occurrence, Albert was instructed to bust the sack by the 911 operator. And when she did so, he wasn't breathing.

Thankfully, that's exactly when paramedics arrived on the scene.


The newborn was immediately transported to Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center in Davenport, Florida, and then airlifted to All Chidren's Hospital in St. Petersburg. Now great grandma Albert says that Shardonnay was upset by the circumstances, and I mean -- how could you blame her? A young mom having her first baby, she was probably frightened of how fast everything happened and to see her baby still in the amniotic sack. NO one ever talks about that!

But there's a silver lining, a little comical tidbit if you will. Joshua's Aunt Vanessa says that McDonald's is actually his mom's favorite restaurant! According to Vanessa, he'll have to get used to the family nicknaming him Ronald McDonald.

Hear more about the premature birth at McDonald's, here:

Would you have been scared if you were in Shardonnay's position?


Image via William James Warren/Corbis

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