8-Year-Old Boys Dye Hair Pink to Help Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

8-year-olds pink hair

After hearing about a group of 8-year-old boys who had their hair colored pink in an effort to raise awareness about breast cancer, it's impossible not to be impressed with their selflessness and level of maturity.

The boys headed to a salon in Dickenson, North Dakota together, where one of their moms works. They proceeded to sit in the chairs and let the stylists transform their hair into a bright shade of pink. Then they even went so far as to cheer about how awesome they look.

(Don't ya love it?)


Aren't these little guys all sorts of amazing? I mean, it's inspiring enough that they are concerned about raising breast cancer awareness at all, but the fact that they weren't the least bit hesitant about going pink is pretty astonishing.

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As the mom of an almost 8-year-old boy -- it's next to impossible to get him to wear anything pink, let alone change over his hair shade to the hue. Most boys really aren't too fond of the color, and that's the polite way of putting it. (My kid hates it with a passion. For reals.)

I love how the one boy was able to convince his friends to join in on the fun, which makes the whole story even more heartwarming. Their mothers must be so incredibly proud of them. I hope they know that they're definitely doing something right in raising boys who have such kind and caring spirits.

I can only hope that if presented with the same situation from his friends, my own son would want to join in on supporting a disease that affects so many women and would want to do whatever he could to make a difference and help out in some small way. (Even if it meant stepping WAY out of his comfort zone.)

Do you think your son would dye his hair pink?


Image via WTVR

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