Adults Take Teen's Silly Streaking Prank Way Too Seriously

cemetaryTeens pull silly pranks all the time. At most, it usually nets them a slap on the wrist. That is probably what Christian Adamek expected after he streaked at his high school football game. Instead, the incident landed him in more trouble than he ever imagined. He was arrested, faced expulsion, and being placed on the sex offenders registry. All of that lead to tragic consequences no one anticipated. 


The popular 15-year-old was so distressed about the legal trouble, he committed suicide by hanging himself. I am sickened by this story and I know I am not alone. The district authorities clearly wanted to send a message that this kind of behavior would not be tolerated but I think they took things entirely too far. Sometimes these "make an example out of them" policies are over-the-top.

I can only imagine the hopelessness and despair this young man felt. It was a prank. Yes, a raunchy one, but a prank none the less.  Right after he streaked, a video of it went up on YouTube and students called him a "legend" on Twitter. They had no idea the trouble it would land their friend. Neither did he, and understandably so.

In my hometown, it was customary for teens to pull a "senior prank" their last year of high school. Were school administrators sometimes annoyed and angry by the antics? Of course. But as long as no one got hurt, they understood that it was all in good-natured fun. This is the kind of prank kids have done for generations. It does not make him a sex offender. I just hope his parents have some sort of legal recourse.

Did authorities go too far? What kind of punishment do you think this deserves?

Image via Brandon Morse/Flickr

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