Little Girl Breaks Opens Her Piggy Bank to Help Family on Food Stamps

There's a silver lining in every crisis. Even in times like these, when so many people are enraged at the government for shutting down and cutting off services from those who need them most, one little girl is reminding us that the heart doesn't have to shut down, too.

When Helaina Morgan, who is only 7, learned from her mom about the Fry family, who live in New York and are struggling to buy food without the help of food stamps, she rushed to her piggy bank and shook out $10 to send them. And if that isn't heartwarming enough, the letter she wrote for Essence, the Fry family's 3-year-old, will make you feel just a little better about the world.


On a sweet piece of pink paper, decorated with Disney princess stickers and her own original artwork, Helaina penned the following to Essence. For the sake of maintaining its original level of absolute adorableness, all of the little girl's spelling errors have been left untouched:

Hi Essence,

Here is 10$ from me. You can go to the grocery stor and buy wat you want. I like ice creem and sprinkls. 

Sincerely: Helaina

What I love most about this story is that it's totally obvious where Helaina has acquired such a generous attitude: from her amazing mom Roberta! According to mom, Helaina is getting to an age where it's important that she learns that others aren't always as fortunate as their family and that she should be grateful for what she has.

It's all well and good to say that, but Roberta is also modeling good behavior. She reads the newspaper to her daughter, which is where they learned about the Fry family. And she was the one who inspired Helaina to run to her piggy bank after suggesting they send the family a gift card to help with their grocery bills.

Children are often the first to want to give the shirts off their backs to friends and strangers in need, and it's important that we encourage this good behavior by finding little ways they can make a big impact. I really hope Helaina and little Essence can get together soon and maybe share an "ice creem" with "sprinkls."

What things do you do to help your kids gain empathy for others? 


Image via Chris Potter/Flickr

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