2-Year-Old's Adorable Birthday Wish for Her Mom Goes Viral for Good Reason (VIDEO)

2-year-old birthday wish

Get out your hankie, because you're going to be fighting back tears like crazy after hearing this adorable 2-year-old girl's birthday message for her mom. It's quite possibly the most beautiful and sweet thing that has ever come out of a toddler's mouth.

Titled "Claire's birthday message for mommy," it's simply a little girl taking the time to tell her mother all of the many reasons she loves her so much. And this would be cute no matter what age she is, but the fact that she's only 2 and speaks in a sweet as pie 2-year-old voice makes you want to hit replay over and over again.


Seriously, I'm not exaggerating even the slightest bit. This is the best thing I've seen in a really long time. And I'm so happy for the mom who the video was made for -- because this is pretty much any parent's dream come true.

Get ready for the biggest dose of pure innocence you'll ever see.

OMG. She's so presh I can't even stand it. I want to adopt her. But it's pretty clear that she's content with the mom she already has, so there goes that idea.

My favorite part of the whole thing was when she said, "You work so hard ..." followed by, "I miss you when you're gone." (Why the hell didn't I wear waterproof mascara today?)

And who is the awesomesauce dad who had the presence of mind to get his little girl to record this vid and surprise her mom? Good grief. Is he a keeper or what? I wonder if he has any idea just how incredible this gift is for her. It's something she'll treasure for the rest of her life. They have to bust this thing out and play it at her rehearsal dinner. There won't be a dry eye in the house.

And now I think I'm gonna cry again. This. Is. Amazing.

What do you think your toddler would say to you in a birthday message?


Image via dkonkel1/YouTube

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