Cops Ticket Little Girls' Barbie Jeep for Dangerous Parking Job (VIDEO)

Barbie Jeep ticketedReady for cuteness overload? A cop in Utah has been cited for doing something adorable: he ticketed "Barbie" for leaving her Jeep in the street, blocking a neighbor's driveway. Well, OK, Barbie didn't do it: a 7-year-old girl and her 9-year-old sister did.

So what's a police officer to do when two little girls park their car in a dangerous spot? He wrote a ticket and moved the Jeep to safer ground -- in the family's driveway.

Best. Discipline. Ever?


I guess this is where I should point out that this wasn't a "real" ticket. American Fork Police don't expect the family of 7-year-old Autumn to pay a fine, nor are they going to be towing "Barbie's" ticketed Jeep off to the impound lot.

This was just a gentle reminder to two little girls that leaving their car out in the street, especially in a spot that blocks a driveway, is probably not the best idea, and according to the girls, they've learned their lesson.

And therein lies a good lesson for us parents too. When kids screw up, you don't always have to go full drill sergeant on them to get them to shape up.

It's tempting. I know. Especially when it feels like everything you say lands on deaf ears (ahem, welcome to parenting ... ain't it grand!). I have been there!

But when I feel myself getting really angry, when the steam is just pouring out of my ears, I try to remind myself that you don't need to grind a kid's nose in their mistakes to make them shape up. A little gentle guidance, even some humor -- akin to the ticket made to "Barbie" -- goes a long way with most kids.

Check out the little girls' reaction to their "ticket":

Have you ever disciplined your kids with a joke? What happened?


Image via KSDK

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