Mom Panics When 2-Year-Old Has Severe Allergic Reaction & Good Samaritan Comes to the Rescue (VIDEO)

Mia Fowler

A mom from Charlotte, North Carolina, had every parent's worst nightmare happen to her while she was stuck in traffic on a busy highway. Her 2-year-old started having an allergic reaction to a cookie she'd eaten earlier that day at a play date.

Jill Fowler was driving along Interstate-277 in the middle of rush hour when her daughter, Mia, started having trouble breathing and was clearly in a state of distress.

Unable to pull over, Jill stopped in the middle of the road and ran around the car to help her daughter. She was in such a state of panic, she couldn't inject Mia with the EpiPen needed to stop her reaction.


That's when a good Samaritan came to Jill and Mia's aide. This woman took charge and administered a second EpiPen for Jill -- and miraculously, Mia's condition started to improve. And as you will hear in this video, Jill now wants to find this woman so she can properly thank her for saving her little girl's life.

Wow. Can you blame Jill for wanting to find out this woman's identity? I don't know how you can ever repay someone for saving your child's life. I definitely wouldn't be able to rest until I could give her a huge hug and tell her how much I appreciated her quick thinking and selflessness on the interstate that day. There are plenty of people who would've driven right past Jill instead of stopping to help, so it's amazing how this kind woman happened to pass by at exactly the right time.

And if you live in the Charlotte area, maybe you can help. Jill believes the woman was driving a gray Mini Cooper, and that she might have a teenage son. If you have any information that can help reunite her with Jill and Mia, please email NBC Charlotte reporter Michelle Boudin at

Wouldn't it be wonderful if she sees this news report herself and recognizes that beautiful little girl who might not be here today without her?

Would you want to find this woman if you were Jill?


Image via WCNC

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