Fair Employee Refuses to Let Little Boy on Ride Because He's Autistic (VIDEO)

Jaziah Delgadillo

What was supposed to be a fun-filled day at the fair for the Delgadillo family turned into the exact opposite, after they were told their 2-year-old son, Jaziah, couldn't ride the "Chopper Hopper" at The Big Fresno Fair because of the fact that he has autism.

While fighting back tears, mom Daneall explained how she and her husband were first told that Jaziah was too small for the ride and would need an adult to go on with him. When she told the ride operator that her husband was planning on riding with him anyway because he's autistic, that's when she says she was told, "No disabled kids, he needs to go."


You can hear more about what happened at the fair that day in this video clip.


Ugh. Didn't it just break your heart to see Jaziah's mother so upset? It would be tough for any mom to have her child turned away from a ride like that -- but to be instructed to leave because of his autism? It really seems like the worker was way out of line and awfully unfair to the Delgadillo family too.

And if his side of the story is true, and he forbade Jaziah to go on the ride because his father did not want to pay to ride with him -- he still seems pretty heartless. You'd think given the fact that the little boy is autistic, he could've cut the dad some slack and allowed him to accompany him so he could enjoy the Chopper Hopper just as much as the other children.

It is nice that the family was offered a full day pass at no cost so they can come back and enjoy their time. That still doesn't change the fact that they were humiliated and treated poorly by this worker and deserve an apology.

Hopefully at the very least, this will make the people working at the fair think twice about how they treat people before casting them away simply because they have a child who is a little bit different than the rest. No family should attend something like this expecting to enjoy a nice dose of quality time together only to leave angry, disappointed, and sad.

Do you think this ride worker should have been punished?


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