Dying Dad Holds 'Wedding Ceremony' for His 10-Year-Old Daughter (VIDEO)

Johnny Wells is terminally ill and won't get to see his 10-year-old daughter Nicole get married. So he made sure to create a beautiful memory for her that she will never forget: he rented a tux, hired a pastor, bought her a sweet white dress and purple bouquet, and promised to always be there for her in a touching and heartbreaking ceremony held by his hospital bed. 


Accompanied by her mother, who says Johnny has survived this long only because of his love for Nicole, the little girl was all brave smiles as she walked toward her dad, gave him a sweet kiss, and listened as he asked her to find a good man when she's ready to marry and vowed to always watch over her. Dad then slipped a ring onto Nicole's finger, which she will continue to wear until she replaces it one day with her wedding ring. Nicole says that she'll marry when she's 20 and that her flower girl will wear the cute white dress that she wore the day of her own ceremony beside dad.

Are you tearing up yet? Can you think of anything as heartwarming as this story? 

The ceremony was captured on video and has apparently inspired others in the same situation to hold similar ceremonies of their own. I can't even imagine how painful it must be to know you aren't going to see your little girl go through major milestones in her life. I'm happy for this family and impressed that dad -- no matter how sick he is feeling -- is so incredibly thoughtful he gave his daughter and family a day they will remember forever. I hope she goes through life always feeling the intense love that he has for her. 

I'm sorry to do this to you -- because I can barely get through writing this sentence without bawling -- but here's the video. It really is worth watching.

What do you think about the ceremony Johnny Wells held for his daughter?


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