Military Wife Gets Sweet Surprise After Going Through 23 Hours of Labor

Military husband surprises wife in hospitalThere's nothing more beautiful for two parents to share than the birth of a child. For many soldiers' families, childbirth is all too commonly something that military spouses have to do on their own while Dad is deployed, serving his country halfway across the world wishing he was there for this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Justin Bradley, an airman in the U.S. Air Force, didn't want his wife to be alone even if her birth plan didn't include him in it. The lucky woman had no clue that her husband was on his way to surprise her as she went into labor. Twenty-three hours of grueling labor later, he walked in just before their first child was born. His wife's reaction is one of purely grateful emotion and overwhelming joy (as expected from a woman who's been in under such pressure for so long), proving that Justin's trip home is a surprise that this family will never, never forget.

Watch Justin's surprise, here:


Congrats to the lucky family!

Are you a military spouse? Have you had a child while your husband was deployed?


Image via Justin Bradley/YouTube

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