Dad Blames Video Game for His Gun-Toting Son

minecraftWe blame video games for giving kids ADD and making them aggressive, but this is ridiculous. A 9-year-old boy stowed a sledgehammer, a gun, and a knife in his backpack and toted them all to school. When he was caught, his dad blamed the video game Minceraft. In court he promised no more Minecraft for his son! That stuff's dangerous, obvi.

Really, Dad? You're blaming MINECRAFT, the electronic version of Legos, for your kid bringing a backpack full of weapons? Let's talk about that, shall we?


Okay, how many of you out there have a kid who plays Minecraft? It's a game where kids can create virtual worlds where they build things out of bricks after mining for materials. Or something. I've watched my son play the game several times and he's explained it all to me, but every time he does a little monkey rides a tricycle around and around in my brain and I have a hard time concentrating. Anyway, it's not super violent. Sometimes you have to defend yourself against other creatures, but you use a bow and arrow. There aren't even any guns in Minecraft. (Or knives, or sledgehammers.)

What's more, though, is that most 9-year-olds who play the game, including my son, know better than to try and reenact the game in real life. Most kids that age can distinguish between the Minecraft world and real life. Most kids know it's a colossally bad idea to bring WEAPONS to school.

I don't even understand how the kid managed to get a sledgehammer past his parents that morning. Are they sleepwalking through their mornings?

Clearly something is not quite right in this family. The boy doesn't need a break from video games -- he needs counseling, because there's something that's making him feel desperately inadequate at school. And Dad needs to pay a hell of a lot more attention to his son. (At least the gun wasn't operational, which is a relief.) I do know one thing: Banning Minecraft from this kid is SO NOT going to solve what's wrong here.

Are you worried about the video games your kids play?


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