8-Year-Old Boy Caught Riding Tricycle Down Busy Highway (VIDEO)

tricycle highway

Oh-kay. So, as the mom of an almost 8-year-old boy, I’m not gonna lie: This video of an 8-year-old boy riding his tricycle down a busy highway in Rio de Janeiro pretty much scares the hell out of me. I mean, OH MY GOD did you get the part about how he’s RIDING HIS TRICYCLE down a BUSY HIGHWAY?!?! Uh, yeah. Never mind the fact that none of the motorists whizzing past this kid are concerned enough to stop and find out what in god’s name is going on. (Seriously, if you drove past a kid on a tricycle during your morning commute, would you just keep going??) Anyway. Point is, this video is kind of every mother’s worst nightmare, no two ways about it. BUT. It is also sort of comforting, and before you flip out on me for saying so, allow me to explain why.


See, here’s the thing: Not every kid is enough of an unsupervised daredevil to pull a stunt like this one, thankfully -- and while I hate to make any sweeping generalizations, I daresay this degree of extreme triking is less likely to occur here in the states -- but lots and lots of kids are unsupervised and daredevilish enough to do really, really, stupid things. Right? And they don’t even have to be that unsupervised or that daring! Stupid kid stunt stories from my family alone include one about my then 10-year-old aunt trying to ride over some big abandoned cement cylinder with her bike, crashing into some bushes, and coming home with a branch stuck through her ear, and another about a cousin who thought his backpack doubled as a parachute and jumped out a window (somehow he survived with only minor injuries). “It’s a wonder any of us makes it to adulthood,” my grandmother used to say, and since I’ve had kids of my own, I can’t help but agree. 

Still. No two ways about it: What this kid does is NUTS. Check it out:

Heart in your throat much?? That is one lucky boy!

What's the craziest stunt your kid ever pulled?


Image via videoslegais tube/YouTube

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