Mom Rides Her Bike to the Hospital to Give Birth (VIDEO)

amber dallman

Plenty of pregnant women are devoted to staying in shape while awaiting the arrival of their babies, but one mom in Minnesota definitely went above and beyond. She rode her bike to the hospital to deliver her child.

Amber Dallman has been a cyclist for most of her life, and she didn't have any intention of giving up her preferred mode of transportation while she was pregnant with her daughter, Elsie. In fact, she even ordered a special bike from Holland so she could use it for everyday things like going to the grocery store or taking her son, Fritz, to day care.


And as you will hear in this video clip, when it was time for baby Elsie's birth, Amber hopped on her bike to go to the hospital -- and even admits that forgoing the car came with one huge perk.


Ha! She didn't have to pay for parking. Don't you love it? And in addition to saving a little cash, Amber has also done more than her part to help make the air in and around St. Paul a little less polluted from car fumes, which is a total plus.

But I still can't get over the vision of this woman pedaling down the road sporting a big old baby bump -- when she's past her due date for giving birth! I'm assuming the terrain in her area must be pretty flat, because I can't picture her trying to pedal up a hill with all that extra weight holding her down.

OMG. I can distinctly remember waddling -- not walking -- into the hospital when it was time for me to be induced to have my son. I could barely get my fat ass up the stairs let alone sit it on a bike seat. (For the record, it never would've fit. I'd have fallen off the bike for sure.)

Gah. Now that Amber's story is out there, I guess I'm probably going to have to surrender the title of "Supermom" that I've been desperately trying to hang on to for the last seven plus years. She definitely deserves it more than I do.

Can you imagine riding your bike while nine months pregnant?


Image via Fox9

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