Dad Wears Batman Mask Daily & Takes Parenting to Another Level (VIDEO)

BatDadStop what you're doing immediately and prepare yourself to laugh uncontrollably. Sure, you, your friends, your relatives -- you all probably have some interesting parenting styles. But I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that one dad from Georgia has the wackiest one I've ever seen. Meet BatDad. Yes. As in na na na na na na na na BATDAAAAADDDDD. His real identity? Blake Wilson.

After buying a Batman mask not too long ago at a Halloween store, he's been channeling his inner superhero around the house, in the car chauffeuring his kiddos around, and of course, scaring his wife silly. Lucky for us all, he's been posting the videos to the popular video sharing app Vine.

It sounds funny, sure, but just WAIT until you see BatDad in action. Watch BatDad, here:


I told you so. It's so great because his kids clearly think it's hilarious, and even though he's being a little ridiculous about it all -- all of the things he's talking about are great parenting lessons. Brushing your teeth to prevent gingivitis? Brilliant. Telling his son to get out from under the rug? Not a bad idea. And my personal favorite: You won't get any gum if you're planning on swallowing it.

The best part? I can't tell if Wilson's wife thinks this is funny or an annoyance. Not to worry, though -- something tells me that maybe once Halloween's over, BatDad will take a breakski.

Does BatDad make you LOL?


Image via BatDad Vine/YouTube

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