Baby Caught 'Drinking' Beer at Baseball Game

beerMoms, it should go without saying that when you're celebrating your favorite baseball team's big win, you should keep the alcohol to the adults. But based on the kerfuffle over a beer-drinking baby caught celebrating the Oakland A's division title win, apparently it needs to be said. To the mom who was spotted on TV, seemingly serving up a Bud Light to her baby, a word?

You're just asking for trouble.


The beer-drinking baby, or at least the baby with a beer bottle to his lips, was caught on-screen behind a Comcast sports reporter doing an interview. The mom's face is turned away from the camera, but you can clearly see she's holding the baby, and an arm wearing the same color shirt as mom and awfully close to her body is holding the unmistakable blue beer bottle to the baby's lips.

Do we know that there is beer in there?

Of course not. It could easily have been water. Or nothing at all. In the midst of celebrating, people do silly ... and often stupid things.

I don't see any reason to crucify this mom without proof that she was putting her baby in actual harm.

But ....

A HUGE BUT for you.

Usually when these sort of "OMG, can you believe she let her baby drink that?" stories come out in the news, it's because a parent was dumb enough to make their silly antics public. A photo shows up on Facebook or a mom stands in a crowded room directly in front of a television camera ... and let's baby suck on a beer bottle.

Whether it's empty or not is (almost) besides the point. The point is, she's allowing the world to think that she serves her baby alcohol.

That's the part that bugs me. She's not ashamed to be thought of as the mom who lets her baby drink! At least the rest of us have the good sense to only do pranks like that in private (kidding, kidding ... or am I?)!

The point is -- maybe there was booze. Maybe there wasn't. But mom did this out in public. She opened herself up to criticism. And, well, it was stupid. Stupid if there was beer in there because, duh, babies should not be drinking beer! Stupid if there wasn't beer in there because, duh, you just made everyone watch the A's post-game celebration wonder if your baby is an alchie.

Do you think this is an example of bad motherhood or just stupidity? Would YOU do it?


Image via Valentin Janiaut/Flickr

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