Photo of Soldier Watching Birth of His Twins Via Skype Will Give You Chills

Colton RomneyAfter seeing this photo of a military dad watching his twins' birth via Skype all the way from Afghanistan, it's easy to understand why it's going viral. I mean, we hear about soldiers witnessing their children's deliveries while stationed overseas all the time, but it's not very often that the actual moment is captured on film.

But luckily, someone had a camera nearby when Colton Romney was watching his wife, Shannon, undergoing a C-section to welcome their twin daughters, Liberty and Lauren, into this world. This allowed Shannon to see his reaction even though he wasn't physically there with her.


Take a look at this video clip to hear more about the birth.

Aww! Their story is so beautiful yet very bittersweet at the same time. It's so wonderful that we have the kind of technology these days to allow these dads to be "present" in the delivery room in a way, yet it's still so tough to think about parents going through such an emotional experience without each other.

Put yourself in Colton's shoes -- can you imagine how hard it must have been for him to hang up that phone after the birth? I'm sure all he wanted to do was hop on a plane and head home to be with all three of his girls immediately. Knowing that wasn't an option must have been heartbreaking.

And that brings us to Shannon. The thought of giving birth to twins without your husband by your side is gut-wrenching enough -- but when you throw in the fact that he's still deployed and she's getting ready to bring them home from the hospital alone, it's pretty impossible to conceive of.

But I guess there is one bright light -- at least Shannon did not technically have to spend her birthday alone, since the twins arrived that very same day. If Colton couldn't be there, at least she wound up with two incredibly special and irreplaceable presents!

Were you moved to tears by this photo?


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