Mom's Guide Dog Saves Her Baby From Being Hit by a Car

black labMom Jessica Crowley is thanking her lucky stars after her guide dog saved her baby's life by pushing his stroller out of the way of a car that was heading straight for it.

Jessica is registered blind, and her black lab, Jet, has been by her side for five years. While getting ready to cross the street pushing her son Jacob's stroller, she heard the screech of a car coming in their direction. And just before it hit, Jet broke loose from Jessica's grip and knocked the stroller out of the way. It did fall over and the baby wound up with a cut on his lip, but if it weren't for Jet's quick actions, something much worse could have happened.


Jessica says that Jet loves little Jacob as if he were her own, which is evident based on how she reacted when she realized he was in danger. Who says a dog can't have mama bear instincts -- even if a human baby is the one she's trying to protect? It's amazing how even though she's trained to assist Jessica, she immediately switched gears and came to Jacob's rescue.

I'm sure this mom keeps replaying what happened over and over again in her mind -- I know I would if my son had almost been hit by a car. And I don't know how I'd ever be able to give that dog enough love and praise to thank her for what she did -- though something tells me dogs do what they feel is right without expecting anything much in return.

What a blessing it is that Jessica had Jet with her that day. I'm sure every time she hears her sweet baby boy's voice, she's once again reminded of what a gem of a dog she has in her life!

Is your dog protective of your baby?


Image via Martin Pettitt/Flickr

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