Doctor Delivers 13 Babies in 24 Hours -- on Friday the 13th!

labor and deliveryThe next time you think you're having a really long, busy day at work, take a moment to stop and think about the Minnesota doctor who delivered 13 babies in a 24-hour period. That should put things into perspective a bit.

Last Thursday, Dr. David Kroska showed up for work as usual, and by the end of the next day, Friday, September 13, he'd successfully brought 13 newborns into the world, two of whom arrived via C-section.

The poor dude says the moms-to-be just "came in one after another." He resorted to taking 15-minute cat naps when he could to try and rest up between each delivery.


And with how many babies decided to show up on the same day, you gotta wonder what exactly was going on nine months ago that had their parents in such an amorous mood. Assuming they were all full-term, these babies would've been conceived sometime back in December, so maybe the holiday spirit is what inspired them to get busy?

A lot of people do take time off from work around that time of year, so they have extra time on their hands to ... you know. And then there's the whole mistletoe thing, which could also lead to more funny business taking place than usual after the kiddos are in bed. How's that song go? "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus ..." -- er, Daddy dressed up in a red suit. (It's called role playing, kids.)

Hmm. If the holidays had anything to do with this sudden baby boom, Dr. Kroska might want to anticipate a repeat of sorts in another few weeks or so -- when the New Year's Eve babies decide it's time to make their official entrances. (Better get the champagne ready.)

Did the time of year have anything to do with when you conceived?


Image via Daquella manera/Flickr

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