Devastated Little Boy Shows How We All Feel About Apple's New iOS 7 Update (VIDEO)

boy reacts to iOS 7

Oh man, this is such a classic, you guys. Wait until you get a load of this video of a little boy's reaction to the iOS 7 update from Apple, because he pretty much sums up how most people are feeling about it.

Honestly, people are buzzing so much about how different iOS 7 is that I'm actually terrified to make the switch. And based on how this precious kid took the news, I'm thinking maybe I should hold off for a bit longer.

Get ready to HOWL.


The poor thing! He's absolutely devastated. And who can blame him? Go ahead and admit it -- your kid is just as addicted to the iPhone as this one is. My son definitely can't live without it, and honestly, neither can I. It's only, like, the best babysitter ever (and I'm only half kidding) -- so I can't imagine giving it to him and finding that he suddenly has no idea how in the hell to use it!

I mean, it would totally defeat the purpose of giving it to him in the first place if I had to stop whatever I was doing to try and a) learn how to use it myself, and b) teach it to him.

Yeah -- I think he and I will be just fine using the older version. The last thing I want to do is be held responsible for putting him in tears.

Are your kids this attached to the iPhone?


Image via Derek Colling/YouTube

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