Taxi Driver Charges Mom Cleanup Fee for Giving Birth in His Cab

taxiWhen 22-year-old Jenny Larkin went into labor, she needed a ride to the hospital, so she called a cab to come pick her up. But by the time the car pulled up to the hospital, it was too late. Jenny gave birth in the taxi -- at which point the driver quickly informed her partner that he expected to be paid to have the vehicle cleaned.

And he's obviously a man of his word, because he showed up at Jenny's house the following Monday with a bill for £40 in hand. It turns out the poor dude had to take his cab out of service for a full two days in order to have it cleaned from the (ahem) aftermath of the birth. He not only had to pay for the cleaning -- he also lost quite a bit of income.

And now Jenny is all bent out of shape because she doesn't think she should have to pay the £40 -- and also insists she can't afford it. (It's roughly $64 U.S. dollars. I think.)


I'm sorry -- I understand that this woman couldn't exactly control when and where she gave birth, but she absolutely SHOULD have to pay for the mess she left behind in this man's cab. 

Think about it for a second -- wouldn't you be absolutely mortified if you pushed out a baby in a stranger's car and left blood and all sorts of other bodily fluids all over his seats?!? I would feel terrible, and in addition to apologizing profusely, I'd do my best to reimburse him not only for the cost of the cleaning, but for the wages he lost as well.

Jenny refusing to pay this guy is basically the equivalent of someone puking all over the back seat of a cab and not paying to have it cleaned and disinfected. I have a friend whose kid barfed all over a cab in NYC, and she handed over cash for the car wash before she exited the vehicle. Isn't that the right thing to do?!?

Look at it this way, the driver could've easily demanded to be paid for the two days of work he missed, but all he asked for was £40, which is pretty kind and generous, if you ask me. He could've been a real jerk about it, but it seems like he's being as fair as possible to all parties involved.

Jenny needs to suck it up and take responsibility in this situation. Whether it was intentional or not, she left one heck of a mess in this guy's car and she should be the one held accountable for it.

Do you think Jenny should have to pay the cab driver?


Image via Marcin Wichary/Flickr

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