Army Dad Surprises 9-Year-Old at Football Game Then Gets His Own Surprise in Return (VIDEO)

dad surprises son

If you aren't wearing waterproof mascara today, then you might want to be prepared for some serious smudging after watching this video of a 9-year-old being surprised by his dad at a football game.

Army Staff Sgt. Brandon Pickett had been in Afghanistan for nine months when he suddenly showed up on the football field to give his son, Jayce, the shock of his life. Initially, he planned on sneaking up behind Jayce and tossing the football to him, but the boy wound up catching a glimpse of him before he could carry out his little plan.


Take a look at the clip to see what happened next.


OMG! Did you immediately start crying after hearing that precious little boy sob? (I couldn't stop the tears from welling up.)

But my favorite part of the whole thing is how quickly he composed himself -- and then ran straight back out onto the field to give the game his all. Don't you love how he sacked the quarterback in the very next play?

It's almost like knowing that his daddy was home gave him an extra boost of confidence to go out there and play his little heart out. (Love it.) Sgt. Pickett must have been so proud -- and so shocked that his son was able to get back into the game after such an emotional reunion.

Sigh. I don't care how many of these things I watch -- they never get old, and they get me every single time.

Did this reunion touch your heart?


Image via ABCNews

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