Sadistic 3-Year-Old Gets Daddy to Buy Her All the Toys She Wants -- Bwah Ha Ha (VIDEO)

little girl in pink dressIf you've ever tried arguing with a toddler, you know there's simply no winning. They have a logic all of their own and simply cannot be deterred once they've made their mind up about something. They're fairly brilliant in their tactics too, as ruthless as they may be.

Take 3-year-old Adela in this video for example. She's at the toy store with her dad, on a mission to buy a birthday gift for a friend. Adela, however, has another idea -- more My Little Pony stuff for her. When her initial requests don't work, she gets serious and resorts to extortion. "If I don't get any ponies or any horse, I won't be able to wuv you anymore," she tells him. "I'll only be able to wuv my mom."

You have to watch to get the full impact of her persuasive powers.



How could anyone resist that? I mean, she NEEDS them. And that little voice is so cute. 

Of course, while it's cute at this age, this kind of behavior gets a whole lot less cute as they get older. So it's important that parents muster some sort of resistance to the cuteness, or we're in big trouble down the line.

What tactics do your kids use to try and get their way?


Image via TheIncredibleAdelaRu/YouTube

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