Dad's Lame Excuse for Missing Son's Birth Won't Make Him Father of the Year -- Like, Ever

Joe FlaccoYesterday, as Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was getting ready to take to the field for the big game, he got a call. His wife had just given birth to their second child, a son, in a New Jersey hospital.

Rather than throwing off his pads and racing to her side to meet his flesh and blood, however, he kept them on. Then he took to the field and led his team to victory over the Cleveland Browns ... while his wife and son remained in the hospital.


I really don't like to judge other parents' decisions when it comes to how they want to bring their baby into the world, but something about this case really rubs me the wrong way. He wasn't saving lives or fighting overseas for our country -- he was playing football. I mean, it wasn't even the Super Bowl or some kind of once-in-a-lifetime event. For something like that, I might have a little more empathy, but to miss the birth of your child for a regular old Sunday football game? I don't think I'd be cheering my husband for such a move ... at all.

He knew that morning that she was in labor, so he could have headed home to her then. But he didn't. According to the Baltimore Sun, he even joked to his coach that he was going to leave and go to his wife. Coach John Harbaugh told the paper:

I'm so glad he didn't do it. He would have had me hook, line, and sinker and in the boat. To play with that on your mind, I think obviously says a lot, and we appreciated that.

Why is that a joke? And you have to wonder how much his son is going to appreciate the fact some day when he learns his dad chose football over his birth.

Earlier this year, golfer Hunter Mahan was close to winning $1 million in a golf tournament, and he walked away for the birth of his child. He was praised for having his priorities in the right place. As for Flacco, his choice definitely raises questions about where his priorities may lie.

Do you think he should have left the game to attend his son's birth?


Image via Baltimore Ravens

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