Hotel Receptionist Who Delivered Woman's Baby in Lobby Deserves a Bigger 'Paycheck'

baby feetA front desk receptionist at a Travelodge hotel in London found herself going above and beyond the call of duty when she wound up delivering a baby in the hotel lobby.

Isobel Baptista was just going about business as usual when a woman was rushed into the building by passengers she'd been riding on a bus with. She collapsed on the floor, screaming from labor pains -- and instead of panicking, Isobel stepped in to play nurse, doctor, and everything in between.

Three minutes later -- the woman, who did not speak a lick of English, gave birth to a baby who she reportedly plans on calling Celestine.


As you can imagine, Isobel's employers were very proud of her for staying calm and stepping up to the plate in this mom's time of need -- and that's why they brought her a bottle of wine and some chocolates after her ordeal as a thank you gift.

Wine and chocolates? As payment for delivering a baby? Okkkk.

Just for the sake of comparison, the average salary for a labor and delivery nurse is $55,000 per year. And an OBGYN makes an average of around $154,000 a year.

And something tells me that while she's a highly valued employee, Isobel's job duties probably don't include taking on one of those roles in the event of an emergency -- so you'd think they could've at least given her a gift card or something in addition to the booze and sugar. (Relax. I'm kidding.)

On second thought, it's too bad that she didn't have the bottle of wine sitting behind the front desk before the incident, because it might have taken away some of the stress, to say the least.

It's so amazing how Isobel's instincts kicked in and she somehow knew what to do, and she must have been such a huge source of comfort for this woman, especially since she doesn't speak English. I mean, I guess a woman in labor sounds like a woman in labor no matter what language she's using, but still -- it had to be tough for her not to be able to properly communicate with the people around her. Seeing a friendly face who obviously was committed to helping her had to at least take the edge off a bit.

Hopefully Isobel thoroughly enjoyed her wine and chocolates, but if I were her, I'd request a few comp days off from work as an added consolation prize. She certainly deserves it!

Do you think this woman should receive a little more recognition and thanks for what she did?


Image via andrewmalone/Flickr

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