4-Year-Old's 'I Want to Be a Power Ranger' Wish Comes True Thanks to a Group of Amazing Men

Raise your hand if your small child has aspired to some sort of fantastical career goal when they grow up! For instance, right now my 5-year-old’s biggest dream is to someday be a ‘for-real-life-fairy-pixie-mermaid-princess’ or maybe just Rapunzel.

You can’t see me, but I’m wildly waving my arm in the air.

That’s why I love this story. It seems that one sweet and geeky, cosplay-loving dad has a son that wants nothing more than to be a Power Ranger when he grows up. Josh Smith put a picture of his son Kaleb on Reddit recently, holding a sign reading, “My First Day of Pre-K ... When I grow up, I want to be a ... Power Ranger.”


So flipping cute. But the story only gets better from there! A moderator of a group called Power Rangers Cosplayers came across the photo of adorable little Kaleb, and shared it with the members. Before you could say, “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers,” Josh started receiving photos from costumed Power Rangers, with signs of encouragement for Kaleb.

Kaleb has been very excited to see the Rangers holding signs with his name on them. He’s still learning to read, but can recognize his own name effortlessly, and has of course been thrilled to his toes.

What a sweet, sweet gesture, especially from a group that typically has a stigma of being a little bit odd. What kinds of grown-ups wear costumes for fun outside of Halloween, right? This kind. This big-hearted, encouraging, lovely group of grown-ups.

So here’s a big thanks to all you Power Rangers that not only made Kaleb’s day, but showed the world that there’s more to a cosplayer than meets the eye.

Does this restore your faith in humanity?


Image via greyloch/Flickr

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