Pregnant Woman Struck by Lightning Just 2 Weeks Before Her Due Date (VIDEO)

karen villanueva

Of all the places we could potentially suffer some sort of injury, most of us don't think it will ever happen in our own front yard. But that's exactly what Kendra Villanueva endured after being struck by lightning at nine months pregnant while watching fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Oddly enough, Kendra and her husband were both struck, and she was rushed to the hospital where she underwent an emergency C-section.

The fact that Kendra survived the strike was amazing enough in itself, given how serious and threatening lighting is.


But incredibly, the couple's baby girl managed to pull through too, and you can hear more about how she's doing in this video clip of the couple from The Doctors.

Aww! Isn't Kimberly the most beautiful little thing? That poor baby has really been through the wringer in her short few months of life, and it's just such a miracle that she's proving to be a fighter and continues to improve every day.

Moms-to-be do everything in their power to keep their unborn babies safe. Most of us never even fathom that a freak accident like this could potentially take our life as well as that of our child. And getting struck by lighting? That's really just unthinkable. It's one of those things you think can never possibly happen to you, and then when it does, well -- it makes you question how on earth something so horrific can go down while you have a baby on board.

This couple really seems to be taking things in stride though, and I love how they nicknamed Kimberly "little Flash Gordon." They'll definitely have quite the story to tell her as she grows up -- but something tells me they'll probably keep their Fourth of July activities indoors just to be on the safe side.

Are you surprised that baby Kimberly survived?


Image via The Doctors

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