Spunky 2-Year-Old Busts Out of Daycare & Walks a Half-Mile Home All by Herself! (VIDEO)

louise hiltonIt could have easily turned into every parent's worst nightmare: 2-year-old Louise Hilton walked right out the door of her daycare in England ... and kept on going! For half a mile! That's right, little Louise apparently decided she'd had enough of nursery school for the day and hightailed it home ... all by herself! According to her parents, at about 1 p.m., they heard a knock at the door ... guess who??

I bet right about now you're thinking, How on earth did that tiny little girl make it home alone? Of course Louise must be incredibly smart -- with a remarkable sense of direction -- but she's also incredibly, incredibly lucky. Just imagine what could have happened on that 30-minute walk!! Seriously, you do it -- I can't, because every time I try to imagine it, I start to feel ill. OH MY GOD, things could have gone so horribly wrong ...


According to her dad, John Hilton:

"It is frightening to think what might of happened had the wrong person seen her ... there is a canal 50 yards from the house and she always tries to jump in and feed the ducks when we go past but she cannot swim."

Cripes! It's enough to make me hyperventilate, and she's not even my kid! I bet right about now you're also thinking something like, How on earth did that tiny little girl escape from her daycare undetected? Supposedly, the facility is under construction and a workman left the door open by accident, which is a plausible excuse sort of kind of I guess not really. I mean to say, I can see how something like that could happen and be a legit accident. But in that case, I would expect one whopper of an apology if I were Louise's mom -- and as of this writing, her parents have NOT gotten any sort of "sorry" at all! Just a big fat "no comment." 

I'm guessing Louise's parents are on the hunt for a new daycare, ASAP. Just look at this face:

And those curls! So cute, so smart ... so lucky. 

Can you imagine your 2-year-old escaping daycare and walking all the way home?


Image via BBCWorldNews225/YouTube

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