Couple Creates Outrage When They Regret Their IVF Twin Boys

You would think that couples desperate enough to conceive a child through IVF would be thrilled to their toes to be pregnant with not just one little bundle of joy, but two. And even though most people have a secret preference in the gender department, normal people get over it and love their babies regardless.

But then you have the couples like this anonymous one on Babble. They tried for two years to provide a little sister for their young son, eventually turned to in vitro fertilization, got pregnant with twins, and then (gasp!) found out both babies were boys (horror!). They even considered terminating one of them, but decided that that would be “too Machiavellian.”


Parenting is definitely hard work, and I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have twins. If I ever found out I was carrying twins, my first thought would probably be along the lines of holy crap I’m never going to sleep again! But come on. If you use fertility treatments, you kind of don’t get to complain that your life is over and you feel like a cancer patient waiting for months to die.

They even admitted that they don’t like the new children. “Of course that’s insane,” they at least had the judiciousness to add.

Can we all join together in a big old chorus of what is wrong with people? Seriously. IVF is invasive and expensive. You don’t just wake up and decide to get implanted with embryos that day. You have to really, really want to get pregnant when you decide to do it. You know the risks. You know that the more embryos they implant, the better shot at success you have -- and also the better chance at having multiples.

So I don’t really have a whole lot of sympathy for IVF parents moaning and groaning about how terrible it is to be pregnant with twins and how they’ve “ruined” their family by doing this.  

Dad wrote:

[It was me] and my wife’s nightmare … we were pregnant with twins - twin boys, we’d find out later. In my mind I had done nothing less than ruin our family.

I’m sure glad they’ve decided to use a pen name -- not for their own anonymity, but for their kids. How would it feel to grow up and learn that your parents regretted getting pregnant with you, and even considered aborting you or your brother? I’m guessing not good.

Do you think this couple is out of line?

Image via Bill Strain/Flickr

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