8-Year-Old Boy Fends Off Attacker With Awesome Karate Moves (VIDEO)

When we think about what kind of sports and lessons we want to have our kids involved with, we tend to think of soccer, football, ballet, gymnastics, swimming ... and all of those are good and fun. But none of them would really help beat off an attacker. Karate would. So it was a good thing for 8-year-old Jacob Soliz-Amaya that he was a karate fan. When his father's ex-girlfriend reportedly hid in their home for 12 hours, waited until Jacob's dad went to work, and then viciously attacked Jacob in his bedroom -- it didn't look good for the little boy. But, luckily, he knew some moves.


Reportedly, Jacob's dad's ex decided to take out their recent break-up on Jacob's son. After the dad left for work, the woman snuck into Jacob's room and tried to kill him as he lay sleeping.

The woman, Helen Newsome, allegedly tried to smother Jacob by covering his mouth. But this little fighter knew just what to do, telling a local news station: "So I head butted her and then I beat her up."

Jacob said the woman then grabbed a nearby dumbbell (Jacob must lift weights too!) and knocked him over the head with it.

But Jacob was still able to escape from the madwoman's grasp -- he ran to a neighbor's until police arrived. He needed stitches on his head, but is otherwise physically okay. Mentally, I imagine it's a different story.

I'm a big proponent of kids being taught the basics of self-defense -- whether it's karate, jujitsu, boxing or self-defense classes -- kids need to know the foundations of fighting back. It can come in handy not only in bizarre situations like this, but for bullying too. Additionally, it gives a kid confidence, and bullies and bad guys are much less likely to pick a kid who looks like he or she will give them a lot of trouble. A kid just carrying himself with confidence will be enough to ward off some creeps.

Even a kid just fighting back at all will often be enough for a person with bad intentions to run. And a kid who practices karate or self-defense on a regular basis won't be so likely to panic and freeze up if someone suddenly grabs him or her.

Imagine that this little boy was able to fight off this adult woman! And she had a dumbbell in her hand to boot. If he hadn't taken karate, I'm not sure this little lad would be with us today.

Do your kids take self-defense classes?


Image via Newsy

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