9-Year-Old Gives Prized Possession to Boy in Wheelchair in Amazing Act of Kindness (VIDEO)

Kanye Ortiz and Zuriel SanchezYou may not know the name Kanye Ortiz as well as you do Kanye West, but this 9-year-old boy recently did something much, much cooler than laying down a rap. It was an act of pure and utter kindness that's about as heartwarming as you can get.

You see Ortiz is a football fan, a big one. Not only does he play it, but he follows the pros closely. So when he got the chance to attend an open practice for the Houston Texans, he was beyond thrilled. For hours he watched and waited, with football in hand, hoping to get an autograph from the team's star player, J.J. Watt.

When he got it, he was elated. Then he saw Zuriel Sanchez, 15, sitting nearby in a wheelchair. The boy, who suffers from spina bifida, was unable to get through the crowd to get an autograph of his own from Watt.


Ortiz's proud mom (who should be very proud!) wrote an account of what happened next on Facebook, which has since gone viral:

Kanye says to me, 'Mom I feel bad for that little boy because he couldn’t get his ball signed, I feel bad that he couldn’t walk or stand to be able to be seen, and I want to give him my ball'. I was amazed at what he was telling me and I looked at my son straight in the eyes and said 'if you really want to do that from the bottom of your heart son, then you go ahead'. I honestly saw a real genuine look in his face and he said 'yes mom I really want to do this for him'. As we were walking he approached the little boy in the wheel chair and said to him 'I know you couldn’t get an autograph so you can have mine'.

I get tears every time I think about it. There are plenty of things to be proud of when it comes to one's children -- good grades, athletic endeavors, and special awards. There's nothing, however, that makes me prouder than when I see my children being kind to others. Kindness will serve them better in life and do more for this world than almost anything else we can teach them.

What a wonderful example Ortiz is for all of us. And in even more good news, according to KHOU11, Watt's foundation got word of the boy's kindness and has said Ortiz should be expecting a special surprise of his own soon. He definitely deserves it.


How have your children surprised you with their kindness?


Image via KHOU11

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